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Sea Point High prides itself on the education offered to learners. As with most well-oiled institutions, procedures and policies are put in place to ensure that the high standard is continued and that everyone who is part of the team understands their responsibility.

Parents' Responsibility

Sea Point High is of the view that learning takes place best when there is shared effort, interest and motivation by parents/guardians, learners and educators.

A meaningful partnership between parents/guardians and the School will strengthen the learning environment and learner achievement

The following are regarded as general responsibilities of parents/guardians of learners at Sea Point High:

  • To support the learning process by communicating regularly with their child/ward.
  • To encourage and support homework and provide the optimum conditions to do the homework
  • To ensure and monitor learner attendance
  • To ensure the safety and well-being of learners
  • To attend school meetings regularly
  • To support the School's Code of Conduct
  • To support effective parent/school communication
  • To support the Governing Body, Principal and Educators


Sea Point High expects learners to attend school daily. If a learner is absent, it is a requirement that a written note explaining the absence is presented upon his/her return to school. Absence for more than two days requires a medical certificate.

School Visits

The learners' safety is of paramount importance to the School and as such the following procedures are in place to ensure their safety at all times:

  • Visitors report to the Office immediately upon entering the School's premises.
  • Everyone entering the School building must sign in and will be issued with a visitor's badge, which must be returned when signing out.
  • Anything that must be delivered to a learner must be brought to the Office where arrangements will be made for the learner to collect it.
  • Parent / Guardian interviews with educators or the Principal must be arranged beforehand.
  • Family emergencies should be reported to the Office, where the matter will be attended to appropriately.


Both learners and educators are expected to arrive punctually at School. Learners need to be at School by 07h50 in order to register attendance.
Learners who are late, report to the Office upon arrival, as lateness could impact negatively upon the learning process by missing vital information. The learner is detained accordingly at the end of the week.

This supports the life-long learning that is central to Sea Point High, preparing learners for the responsibilities and consequences that they are faced with in the work place.

Early School Leaving

Parents/Guardians are discouraged from making doctor's or other appointments for learners during school hours. This is expected to take place after school hours.

If a learner does need to leave School early, the parent/guardian is to submit a request in writing to the School by 09h00 at the latest on that particular day. A telephone number is to be included for verification purposes.

Representative Council of Learners

We are proud of the role that the Representative Council of Learners (RCL) plays at Sea Point High School. The representatives are elected by their peers and serve on portfolios. As such they assume responsibility for various aspects of School management.

An integral part of the RCL are the Learner Leaders, who are largely responsible for administration tasks, supporting the Code of Conduct, Pastoral Care and serving as Ambassadors for our school.