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Academic Matters


Sea Point High strives to provide an excellent standard of education. Each year a theme is chosen to underpin the importance of academics in the development of young people. Our dedicated staff is at the forefront of making this a reality, supported by a three way partnership with the learner and the parents’ guardians. Skills, values and positive attitudes are constantly reinforced and encouraged. Learners are encouraged to be self-disciplined and to take ownership of their learning, thereby cultivating a positive self-image.

General Education and Training Certificate Course

Grades 8 & 9

The GETC comprises the following learning areas:

  • Language, Literacy and Communication (English Home Language and Afrikaans 1st Additional Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences (History and Geography)
  • Technology
  • Arts and Culture
  • Economic and Management Science
  • Life Orientation

Further Education and Training Certificate Course

Grades 10 - 12

The FETC comprises 2 Groups.

The subjects in Group A are compulsory and include:

  • English Home Language
  • Afrikaans 1st Additional Language
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation

There is a choice of subjects in Group B.

They are called electives. One subject from each subject group must be chosen:

  • Visual Arts, Business Studies, Physical Sciences or Tourism
  • Design, Accounting or Geography
  • Consumer Studies, History or Life Sciences

Homework Policy

Sea Point High recognizes the importance of homework and its function as affirmation of the learning process. Homework tasks help:

  • to complement and re-enforce classroom learning
  • consolidate basic skills and knowledge
  • foster good lifelong learning and study habits
  • strengthen the link between home and school by involving parents in their children's education

The following are minimum suggested times to be spent each day on homework activities.

  • Grade 8 & 9 - 2.5 hours
  • Grade 10 & 11 - 3 hours
  • Grade 12 - 3.5 hours

This DOES NOT necessarily include extra revision time.

Learning Support

Sea Point High provides learning support to those learners who face challenges in certain learning areas.

All Academic Departments offer extra lessons after school hours. Mathematics is reinforced with the use of the Khanya Laboratory where Cami Suite programmes have been installed for use by the learners. All learning areas and subjects are on hand to provide the necessary academic Intervention when and where required.

Excursions and Job Shadow

Educators are encouraged to make use of excursions as a learning tool.

  • The Grade 8 learners are encouraged to participate in the annual cross-curricular programme. Previous venues have included the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and it provides an Ideal opportunity for learners to appreciate how learning fits into the world outside of school.

The cost of the excursions is met by the parents / guardians.

  • Grade 11 learners participate in the Job Shadow Programme, thereby allowing them insight into a specific career.

Positive Re-enforcement

Sea Point High believes strongly in positive re-enforcement. This comes in the form of merits, star awards, subject awards, subject badges and Principal Awards. These awards are highly sought after by learners and provide a good motivation to deliver work of the highest quality.